Round Rock Fire Truck Pull

We support Special Olympics Texas (SOTX), and compete annually in their Round Rock Fire Truck Pull Event.

It's the ultimate tug of war challenge... a team of 12 will play "tug of war" with a 55,000-lb fire truck. The teams with the Fastest Team Pull will be named the Fire Truck Pull Challenge Champions!

Below are photos from our 2015 pull, including Jason Waldon administering the "pull oath" to Dylan Kenny.

"I met Dylan on a fateful day in Hutto, TX when Sgt Chris Kelley lost his life, June 24th, 2015. While I was getting drinks to ice down for the 2015 Special Olympics Fire Truck pull at a corner store, he called out to me and shook my hand. I'm willing to bet he immediately regretted his decision, since I gave him a t-shirt and asked him to meet us in a couple of hours to pull a truck in a hot parking lot. Here he is depicted taking the oath I administered wherein he vowed "to pull that big red truck as hard as I can, so help me God." Serious business. Thanks, Dylan, for being a good sport and for allowing me to escape any legitimate physical exertion by taking my place. Someone has to supervise." - Jason Waldon. 


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